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Direct Dial Numbers Defaulting to Hunt Group


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I'm looking for help figuring out a troublesome problem that appeared during a recent implementation of PBXNSIP. Calling from extension to extension within the office works fine, but if I attempt to call a phone directly via an outside line, our hunt group is activated without even trying to route the call to the correct number.


The ideal setup is that anyone calling the main office number will activate a hunt group, which consists of four separate phones. However, if a customer calls a direct number the call will go directly to that number and completely bypass the hunt group.


As an example of our configuration, we have individual phones set up with Account Numbers of [Ext] [Number]. Thus we have 501 123-555-1212 for user one and 502 123-555-1213 for user two. Both users are part of our hunt group (701). An outside caller calls the main office number, and both phones ring as expected. If the caller instead dials 123-555-1212, instead of going directly to that number, the hunt group is activated and both phones ring. To add to the confusion, if the caller dials a number not contained in the hunt group (ie, 123-555-1214), the hunt group is activated anyway.


Thanks for your time-- if you have any ideas about what I've missed, I'd sure appreciate your help!

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