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Hunt Group Drops Calls with Exchange UM


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Giving back, in case someone's having the same issue:


I was experiencing dropped calls (PBXnSIP was sending my phone a BYE, couldn't see why in the logs) in certain scenarios involving a Hunt Group whose final stage was an Exchange 2007 UM Auto Attendant. We had a basic hunt group setup to forward external calls on a specific number directly to the UM auto attendant without needing to tie up a PBXnSIP extension license with call-forward all calls flagged to send them to UM.


It worked fine -- but after the auto attendant sent the call back to a "real" hunt group, if there was no answer, the call would just be dropped instead of being transferred to voicemail (back to Exchange).


After some testing on my test server, here's a simple workaround: on your forwarding hunt group, move your final stage UM AA number to the Night Service Number, and create a Night Service Flag Extension that's always on. Now the call coming back from the AA will go to voicemail.

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