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PBXnSIP Installed on Redundant Computers


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I want to configure a PBXnSIP solution using redundant computers. The purpose is to demonstrate redundancy where the backup computer will pickup call routing in the event that the primary computer fails. I am told that this configuration is supportable with PBXnSIP. I'm looking for recommendations/directions as to how to set up the computers.

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I've written a little on the subject of windows pbxnsip failover:





(disclaimer: i did this script as a hobby and don't have it working on a live server so use it at your own risk! ;-)


give me feedback on the blog or here on what you think about my handiwork.


Now back to another pbxnsip install...



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I would definitevely also check out VMware and Hyper-V. We have installations that perform failover using VMware and I guess also Hyper-V (setting this up right now in our lab). I heared only good stuff about it, it can failover within the call even if the caller is for example in the ACD. The failover time when using a small VM is in the ~1000 ms area. It sounds like a hickup, but the conversation can go on.

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