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how to use same snom button for xfer, intercom and xfer to email?


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I would like to be able to:

-assign one button call "Intercom"

-one button called "Xfer to VoiceMail"

-like to assign extensions to the remaining snom buttons.


Now when a user needs to transfer someone to vm they press "xfer to vm" button and the users extension/blf button.

Similarly when they want to intercom they press "intercom" and the extensions BLF button.


How do I do this?


Having a set of BLF buttons, a set of transfer to vm buttons and a set of intercom buttons is ridiculous--surely there is another way


Any great ideas?

thanks-i'm hanging it up for the night,


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can this be done?


Unless you have a good alternative.


The only alternative my addled mind can think of is having a set of blf buttons for each ext., a set of buttons for each ext. intercom and xfer to vm buttons for each ext. No phone in this world will have enough button even for the smallest office.


no one uses these features if they have to remember to prefix extension with 8xx etc etc. May be the recpetionist can remember but everyone else just doesn't use the features....


thanks for understand the question so quickly,


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but do you agree with the benefit of this?


I was just training a group of end users and it IS very confusing...


to transfer press <transfer> and the ext. blf

to transfer to vm press <transfer> then 8 then the extension number then <check>

to intercom press intercom_button then dial extension and press <check>


These are just the things that make it hard to understand phone systems!!! ;-)


I know for pbx gurus this sounds trivial but the proof is how many of these features end users use after the first time.


simple and easy-to-discover features sells. ;-)




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