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I'm about ready to erase and reinstall/reconfig pbxnsip install


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I am having various little niggling issues with pbxnsip install


-intercom doesnt work from some extensions unless we delete and re-add an extensions (for some extension)

-pnp provisioning works very finicky

-xml pbxnsip menus on snom phones worked finicky


pbxnsip v


What brought this to a head is when we installed snomONE--wow, the provisioning works perfectly. Plug in and go. Same network.


So if anyone knows something obvious i'm doing wrong i'm ready to knock it down and start over. Maybe with the snom ONE version if i can get that.


tx all


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Well, also the pbxnsip default config got some major changes:


  • Passwords: The passwords are not 40, 41, 42, 43 any more. Now the PBX generates passwords after booting up which are reasonably secure.
  • Same for the domain provisioning password, which is actually quite sensitive.
  • A couple of typos.

By default, intercom is still not on. This would be a major security problem, if everyone can practically listen in to any other extension. Think about home office!

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