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Helo command rejected: need fully-qualified hostname


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This is the error I get from postfix when it rejects email sent from the pbx. It is because snomONE is using 'localhost' in the 'helo' to the SMTP server, which is postfix on the same machine on which snomONE is running. There are several ways to fix this:-


Remove that restriction from postix's config. I'd rather not do that as it may open the door for abuse by others.


Configure postfix to accept a helo using localhost. What I've tried hasn't worked so would be grateful for pointers on this one.


Configure snomONE to use a different name in the 'helo'.


This last options is preferable, but I cannot find how to change that. Can anyone explain how I can change the name snomONE uses in the helo when sending email notifications of voicemail?

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OK, got postfix to accept the helo from Localhost, but now there's another problem:-


status=bounced (mail for mx.home loops back to myself)


The email is being sent by snomONE and accepted by postfix, which than complains about it looping.


Can anyone suggest how to configure postfix to accept these email messages from snomONE running on the same machine?

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