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Replay custom message in Auto Attendant


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We have a client that wants the custom Auto Attendant message to replay after the caller enters an invalid option. Currently we are stuck with the only options being dead air after the "you have entered an invalid extension" or the system "Please enter an extension number" prompt.


Neither of these options are good options, since if the person entered the wrong option initially, they probably don't know which option was the correct one to enter. Why can't we replay the custom greeting after an invalid option message?


My only thought is to create an IVR account with an "You have entered an invalid option" message and send the call back to the AA. Will this cause problems with the loop avoidance technology in the system?



Thank you,



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look at options under "timeout handling" on the Attendent in question. They work.




I'm not sure what this has to do with entering an invalid option in an auto attendant, I am familiar with the timeout options and use them to time out to a general mailbox.



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