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Incorrect server IP in provisioning

Kenny Munro

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I'm having a problem getting provisioning working.


I have SnomONE build (also tried 3966) running on Windows 2008 R2. The windows box has 4 public IP addresses:


92.X.X.168 - 92.X.X.171


SnomOne is configured to be bound to the last of these (.171) which is fine, the web interface etc appears on the correct IP.


During the provisioning process, however, the phones just hang. After a bit of digging, I discovered that the response to the initial provisioning request is as follows:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>


<file url="http://92.X.X.168:80/prov/snom_3xx_fw.xml?model=snom370" />

<file url="https://92.X.X.168:443/prov/snom_3xx_phone.xml?model=snom370" />

<file url="https://92.X.X.168:443/prov/snom_3xx_fkeys.xml?model=snom370" />

<file url="https://92.X.X.168:443/prov/snom_web_lang.xml?model=snom370" />

<file url="https://92.X.X.168:443/prov/snom_gui_lang.xml?model=snom370" />

<file url="https://92.X.X.168:443/tftp/snom_370_custom.xml" />



As there's a completely different web server running on .168, this obviously doesn't work!


Is there a setting somewhere that I've omitted to set or is this a bug?


Many thanks,


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Right, for SIP sockets the PBX should use the right socket; however for TFTP it is a bit tricky because TFTP requests that the respones must be sent from another socket, so that the PBX essentially asks the OS what local IP address that socket would use. That's where it essentially asks the OS for the local address on an unbound socket. For configuration data that would be a kind of problem; especially if you plan to run several instances one for each IP address (multiple cores).



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