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Handling each port on fxo gateway seperately


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We have been happily using Patton 4114 gateways. They are faultless in operation. ;-) (setup and forget)


One last issue we have is being able to direct an individual pstn port on the patton 4114 to an individual extension/attendent/call queue. For example: pstn port 0/0 on the unit must always go to extension 40. Port 0/1 must always goto sales queue...


Patton's solution to this issue is to setup each pstn port on a different TCP port (5060, 5062, 5064, 5066). that is okay, except then (it appears to me) in pbxnsip/snom ONE we need to setup a seperate Trunk for each port on the patton 4114! This is a lot of setup overhead and dialplans become unmanageably complex. (If we have an 8 port patton FXO this gets even worse!!)


Does snom/pbxnsip have a solution to this? Perhaps I'm over looking something very simple.




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