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Call Center PBX


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I would like to know if there is any way to get the PBX to do all the following, or Evan with a third party application,

or any other suggested for a call center in a hosted investment,




will need the ability to review all reports in the following views: real-time, historical, and integrated

We will need the ability to run and/or generate the reports daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and in intervals.

It would also be an added luxury if the system has the ability to set thresholds. (color coding, timing etc…) and a remote access function.


I. ACD Reporting


a. Agent Level


1. Available Time


2. ACD Time


3. Total Calls Received


4. Abandoned Calls


5. Total Calls Answered


6. Ring Time/ASA (Average Speed of Answer)


7. Average Hold Time (The average amount of time an agent keeps a caller on hold)


8. Average Handle Time (AHT)


9. Redirected Calls (A report that generates the amount of calls that were forwarded to another angent because the initial agent missed the call)


10. Aux Time


11. Outbound Calls


12. Transferred In/Out Calls




b. Split skill


1. Outbound


2. Staffed time


3. Service Level


4. Abandonment Rate (ABD)


5. Abandoned Calls




7. Average Speed of Answer


8. Average Handle Time


9. Transfer in/out time




II. Quality


a. Call Monitoring


1. Real Time Live Call Monitoring


2. Diagnostics/Scheduled Monitoring


3. Barge/ability to take over the call.




III. Workforce Management


a. Forecasting (expected call volume based on historical data)


b. Scheduling (schedule shifts based on forecasted volume from historical data)






In addition, it would be beneficial to have the ability to have .net system integrate with the PBX. We would like to have the option for the caller to enter their information that will automatically integrate and/or talk to our UM System.

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