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Trunk with multiple DID

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We're trying to figure out the best practice for this situation.


We have a client with two locations, both locations have their own DIDs.


We'd like to have 5 lines total - so if location 1 is using 3 lines then there are one 2 lines available for location 2. We figured we'd do this by combining two DID's into one trunk and then assigning co1 - co5 to that trunk. This way if a call comes into location 1 and the person that needs to receive the call happens to be at location 2 that day, the receptionist in location 1 can just put the call on hold and notify location 2 of which line the caller is holding on.


We know we need two hunt groups, one for location 1 and one for location 2. How do you set it up so that the trunk will send the call to the proper hunt group based on the DID rather than account number?




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You have to differentiate between inbound and outbound.


Inbound the best way is to assign alias names to the extensions which are telephone numbers. For example, the name for extension 40 could then be "40 978-746-2777". Then on an inbound call, when the service provider puts the "9787462777" into the Request-URI of the INVITE, the PBX would try to find it and then send the call to extension 40.


Outbound calls are about ANI. Every extension and every account that can send calls to trunks has the ANI field. There you can specify what number should be sent to the trunk. The logic to translate that into a SIP packet is complicated, as the IETF failed to promote one clear way on how to do this (at least every service provider has a different opinion about it). But using RFC3325 on the trunk is a good shot.

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