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Altering incoming call display


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I have several international callers (and some local ones) where their name appears as Unknown Name yet their number appears in full when they call our PBX. When this person calls other people than me on my PBX, they are unaware of who the user is by telephone number alone. Is it possible to change the way the inbound CallerID is displayed, so instead of showing Unknown Name I can update a table so it can show the real name instead - along with the telephone number unchanged?


Thanks in advance!

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There are options on the phones (at least snom phones) where you can say what they should display. That might be a workaround.


What you could also try is to use the address book to match the numbers to names that the PBX will then put into the display name.


We aren't using snom phones, and this is something I would like to push at the PBX level if possible. The first thing was your suggestion - we added the telephone number to the address book, this didn't work for us. I tried different variations and we got the same result. The telephone number in the call logs would remain the same with and without the address book entry. If this is the right place to put it perhaps I am doing it incorrectly, can anyone else try to see if this feature works? If it does, I can use this to solve all my problems.

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