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snomONE PBX dial out error

Alex Rod

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I just installed Centos based snomONE, 10 extensions, everything seems to be working just fine, well, sort of. I added a trunk, configured an extension, etc, etc., but when I dial a number, I keep getting this message: "That number has not yet been assigned." At some point I got it working. In the trunk setting I Override the Codec Preference by adding the G-711s, I was able to make a couple calls, and back again to the same message.


Yes, in the dial plan I added a * in the pattern area, and nothing else.



Hope someone can point me to the right direction.




Well, I guess I did not search hard enough, the solution was found in this post by Alexandre:




Changed Remote Party/Privacy Indication to Not indication, and it works!


Thank you!

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