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PBX not detecting mobile phone dial-in


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Hi folks


I've got my mobile set up under my extension and it will simultaneously ring when my extension does. However, when I dial in to the PBX, I get the auto attendant. I can get it to work by dropping the preceding zero. For example, let's assume my mobile number is: 07920026376. If I drop the zero and put 7920026376 in the 'cell phone integration' field for my extension, I can dial in and get the PVA. Obviously, nothing works after that, the PBX can't call me back and my mobile won't ring when my extension does, because the PBX is attempting to now dial an invalid number.


Can anybody explain why this happens?




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Looking at the call history, in the From field, all incoming numbers have the preceding zero missing, so this is the cause of the problem.


Also, if I look at the call history on my Snom desk phone, the numbers are missing their preceding zero.


Why would the PBX get a number from the SIP trunk that's missing the first digit?



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Thats a well-known problem. The "snom ONE" way to address the problem is to represent the numbers in the "readable" format. That means, for people in the USA domestic numbers have ten digits and for people in the ROW (rest of world) international numbers start with "00", national numbers with "0" and local numbers start with "1"-"9". The PBX prefixes we know from the 70s are out; today people are using cell phones and are starting to replicate their address books also into the desktop phones, where PBX prefixes would mess things badly up.

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