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Set forwarding on different extension

Kurt Harnish

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One of our customers has a extension 771 (unregistered, just used for forwarding) that is a maintenance number that everyone knows. This number needs to be forwarded to different people throughout the day. On the old asterisk system they had 9001 9002 9003 setup that when they dialed any of those numbers it would forward that extension to different numbers. Ext 9001 would forward 771 to his cell phone 9001 would forward 771 to his home phone.

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Hey Kurt,


The only solution i can think off:


#1- make a hunt group 771 that the people will call for service

#2- make a manual service flag for each seperate destination the service_desk will need to be forwarded too.

9000 = tech1 ext#

9001 = tech1 mobile#

9002 = tech2 ext#

9003 = tech2 mobile #

9004 = tech2 home#

etc. etc.


#3- now in hunt group 771 configure the service flags and night service thus:


Service Flag Account: 9000 9001 9002 <etc etc>

Night Service Number: <9000_destination_#> <9001_destination_#> <9002_destination_#>


final notes:

-Now the destination for 771 can be changed by dialing the 9xxx account you want it to goto

-remember that the first flag to be set will be the one the call will goto

-so for tech to change destination he will "turn off" current destination and "turn on" the desired destination.


Make sense?

I know. i GET A "KLUDGE" PhD for this one.

But I don't see how else.


attention snom: flags are soo cool. But they really need some tweaks to make our lives easier.

some things that would be nice:

-setting one flag can set or unset other flags

-also, if an extension's redirection could use a manual flag there would be no need to use a hunt group above.

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