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understanding MOS score


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I'm trying to understand the MOS scoring in the CDR. ;-)


Question #1:


I'm looking at this line:

QualityEst:MOSLQ=4.1 MOSCQ=1.0


does "MOSLQ" = trunk calls on the graph?

does "MOSCQ" = extension calls on the graph?


We are trying to track down ext to ext calls that are MOS = 1.0.


Question #2:

If non snom devices are involved in a call, will this cause MOSCQ to be 1.0?


We have a lot of Extension MOS=1.0 I'm trying to track down.



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RIght if the other side does not respond to RTCP, then the MOS is pretty low (1.0 is the minimum value that you can get, not 0.0 as you might think without reading the RFCs...).


Anyway, IMHO 1.0 practically means the information is not available and I would not be concerned about quality. If the score is 1.1, I would be concerned :rolleyes:

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If the PSTN gateway supports RTCP, then the score will be already useful. For example, the round trip time can be calculated and the PBX will see how much packet loss it had on it's receiving side. If there is "one-way" RTCP-XR the PBX takes that number and assumes that the other direction performs the same way. This is better than nothing.

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