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Auto Attendant and DISA

Bill H

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We have entered a cell phone number into an account.


When the person calls in from the cell phone to the Auto Attendant the DISA funtion does not come on.



As I understand it from the Wiki it (DISA) should provide some type of information to the caller that they have extra abilitie to place calls.


Can anyone shed a little light on to the operation of this feature?




Bill H

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The PBX must match the incoming caller-ID to a cell phone number. Usually the problem in NANPA is that the leading 1 there only on one side.


If you choose the "Default PnP Dialplan Scheme" in the domain settings to be in North America, then the PBX will try to normalize numbers that you enter. However, if you already entered numbers, you must save the cell phone numbers again because that normalization is done during the saving of the cell phone number.

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