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I would like to have every domains recording in a septate folder in the recording folder (sub folder for each domain and daily a new folder in that folder ) what to i need to enter by "Record Location:" so i can give ftp- access to the end user to the recordings



If you are using version, then you can set "$r/$o/$d/$a/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav" as the record location to have the file created under "recordings/<domain>/<current date>/<user>/" folder. You can (re)move $o, $d, $a based on your need.

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There is no setting on the PBX to remove the recording. Maybe you should setup some OS level tools (e.g., cron jobs under Linux systems) to do that.


How to set Record Location to a specific folder under Macintosh with snomONE I cannot figure the way of making all recording saving to :


Macintosh HD/Applications/snomONE/recording/$r/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav



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