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Sorry, I thought this was a forum about all PBXs, not just one.


While I'm here, I'll state what I'm seeking to see if anyone can help me.


Right now I have a PBX (Ring Central) & I'm going to be moving to Panama & while their system is quite good, their customer service & tech support is terrible.


I have 2 1-800 #s & here's what I need:


1. To have clients call my numbers & if I want to speak to them, it forwards to either my landline in PA or whatever other method I'm using for phone calls.


2. I'm able to call from PA to the US & Canada & speak unlimited for a fixed cost.


3. I'm given the hardware that will enable me to use both my office phone & my cordless handsets in making these calls so I can sit at my desk, walk around, etc.


I'm a small business, so nothing expensive.


Let me know if you have something for me plus proper customer support.


Thank you




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I use snomone FREE at my house running on a www.plugcomputer.org with a snom M9 DECT phone and I can do everything your looking to do at a pretty reasonable cost. You would just need to port your numbers over to someone like www.callcentric.com. If you don't want to run the pbx locally then you should look at one of snom's hosting partners like www.vonex.com.au where they would handle running the pbx for you in the cloud and you would just have your M9 located in PA connected back to it. Hopefully the Internet is decent there.

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