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Personal Announcement Option Missing


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Once one of our mailboxes picks up, only the personal message should play. As I understand the option for this is "Personal Announcement", which should be available in the pulldown menu, together with "Anonymous Announcement" and "Name Announcement". We have uploaded sound files via the web interface, but "Personal Announcement" does not show in the menu. Do I need to set any other option to make "Personal Announcement" available?

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Here are the details -

  • If you use the phone to record the name or the personal greetings, then you have to press '2' to use the name or the personal recording. Only then PBX uses that name/recording. Note that, personal recording takes precedence over the name recording when the caller reaches your mailbox. But the name recording will still be used when the AA redirects the call.
  • If you use the web interface to upload the personal greetings file(s), then it does not automatically get used. You have to dial into your own extension and choose the greetings to be used. Only the name recording will be used automatically by uploading the file.

Since there is only 1 name recording, PBX automatically makes the decision to choose that file. But since you can upload upto 5 greeting files, PBX does not make any decision on the selection of the greetings.

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