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Customizing snom 821 phone settings

Alex Sergeev

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There were few missing things regarding 821 in 3981. We have fixed them in the yet to be released version.


But you can fix it live now. That's the power of our PBX :-)


  • Go to the Admin->Web Page Control->Templates page.
  • Select reg_texts.htm
  • Add <option>snom_821.xml</option> and after <option>snom_820.xml</option>
  • Then add <option>snom_820_phone.xml</option> after <option>snom_3xx_phone.xml</option>
  • Save the file


Now you should be able to modify the template for snom 821. Note that it is mostly based on the 820.

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Good day!


I did as you wrote.


As a result, I have a limited list of files for editing on the Web Page Control. The proposed list does not include the file reg_texts.htm. And while selecting any file is not displayed input box.


I do not have fresh backup-file. How to recover?!?!

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I did understand the question/concern completely.

Here are some inputs:

- Do not use Firefox if want to customize the pages.

- Every page has a "Click here to restore the default". So you can restore every page that are listed

- All modified pages are saved under '<pbx wodking dir>/webpages' folder

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Yes, I found in folder webpages xml-file, which is a modified reg_texts.htm file. I deleted it. But the problem remains. Probably need to reboot pbxnsip. I'll do it at night and report the result.


By the way:


1. After manipulation of reg_texts.htm file I do not see "Click here to restore the default".


2. I've tested many browsers and for me the best was the Firefox (I can change information on the Web Page Control).

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I restore reg_texts.htm.


Firefox displays the file reg_texts is not until the end. The latest version Chrome is better.


Now I think that I need to add to reg_texts only:


And then in html folder make snom_821.xml file. Am I right?

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