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Loading Local.cfg on Aastra 480i


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One of our Aastra 480i CT phones lost all of its settings when it was unplugged for a short while. We have a copy of the local.cfg file which was taken shortly before this incident happened, however, we are unable to find a way to load this file directly on to the phone itself. If anyone has experience or the solution, step-by-step directions would be appreciated. This will *not* be done from the SIP server, but instead, a stand alone computer.


Thank you in advance.



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The Aastra 480i is an older model, but here is a basic idea.


You need to create 2 files. You can use Windows Notepad.


aastra.cfg (a common file for all Aastra phones)

macaddress.cfg (the MAC Address of your Aastra phone)


In the aastra.cfg file place something like this


# this is the aastra.cfg file


Then save it as aastra.cfg (NOT A TEXT FILE)



Then paste your Local config into another Notepad page and save it as the MAC Address of the phone .cfg

Example: 00085D19ABCD.cfg


I am more familiar with the (older) PBXnSIP and not the Snom One, but you should place these two files in the tftp folder in the root directory of the pbx

along with all the other folders like extensions, acds etc...


If there isn't a tftp folder, create one.


I am assuming that the TFTP server still works the same as it did before.




Now you need to go into the phones User Interface.

You need to discover the IP Address of the phone then open a web browser using its IP Address.

Logon: admin

The password (Default) is 22222


(There is a provision through the Options and keypad to read the phones IP Address)

I don't remember it. It was a long time ago. You will need to "fish" around and find it.




Using the web browser, search around for the Primary TFTP Server and enter the IP Address of your Snom One computer.

Enter that address into the tftp primary address and restart the phone.



The Local.cfg only contains a configuration that was previously,MANUALLY created/entered through the phones web browser.

It does not contain any configuration that the phone may have previously downloaded from a TFTP server.



Well, that is just an idea of what you need to do.



You can go to aastra.com and download a manual.

Aastra manuals are written in a clear and simple manner and should be easy to understand.


Hope this helps....

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