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Built In SBC

Bill H

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I have the following setting in the Access area Allow



I thought this was the correct setting to block the dreaded "Scanner" / "Flooder" but it does not seem to work.


Is there something else that I should do?


Windows with Version (Win32)

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Oh no, this says "everyone is allowed". The rule goes like this: Ifyou allow an address or subnet, well then this one is allowed to access the PBX, even with floods of requests. If you disable an address, the PBX will not look at traffic from that address, even if the request looks nice and friendly. If the address is neither allowed nor disabled, then we are in "automatic" mode, which means nice requests are allowed, and floodings are stopped after a handful of invalid requests.

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OK Then if I understand you correctly, does the "Automatic" mode require any input from me?


That is, do I need to enter anything to activate the "Automatic" mode or is it activated by default?


I believe that is how I had it set (blank) in the past and it did not stop unwanted packets.

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Yes "automatic" does not need intervention, sometimes a little adjustments of the parameters when the PBX thinks that someone is trying to attack the system.


If you know what addresses are fine, then it does not hurt to give them full access. For example, if you are running the PBX in a LAN, it is okay to give all addresses in the LAN access to the PBX (e.g. 192.168.1.x/24). This avoids false alarms, which can be annoying.

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