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Dial plan "not allowed" not working ??


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Hello all,


I think I am seeing a bug in the dial plan. I have set up some dial plan entries that allow calls and it looks to work and I have a good trunk etc.



Now I am trying to BLOCK some area codes by using the examples in the book. I have it set at pref 01. selected "NOT ALLOWED" and put in 1900* and blank in the replacement filed.


When I test this after saving I go to the number simulator and enter 1900123456789 and I get "No pattern found for the dialed number" Even worse is that on the phone it falls thru to the allowed plans and will connect with pref 100 entry !!!


If I change the NOT ALLOWED to a trunk then the number simulator works and matches !! So, it looks like the FLAG for "NOT ALLOWED" is not working..... Any help is appreciated...




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If you have set the country code to "1" then the number that you want to block would be 900*. This is because domestic numbers are represented in the 10-digit format.


I have exactly the same problem. I want to block 0844 numbers (I'm in the UK). So my entry in the dial-plan will be 0844* with 'not allowed' set on the trunk. However, this does not work. All calls are successful. I have nothing in International or local area code set up on my Snom One.


@Snom One - please reply with a full answer to this question. Is this a bug? If not, why doesn't it work?

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Hello I have the same problem.

I have set an extension with and action URL only to allow it to call one extension and set the NOT ALLOWED plan for the rest of the extensions or any other external phone number.

The dial plan doesn't work on calling other extensions.

Is this a bug on the software?

I am running 2011- (Linux) version





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We have a similar problem.


We would like to block calls to 0900, 0901 and 0906 numbers

which are the swiss equivalent to 900 numbers.


We use a Trunk (SIP Gateway) from our VOIP provider.


Our dial plan is:


50 Not Allowed 090*

100 Trunk IT *


The strange thing is we can place calls to 0900 numbers without any problems.


The log shows the following:


[9] 2011/08/01 16:31:35:

Dialplan: Evaluating !^090([0-9]*)@.*!!i against 0900111111@pbx.company.com

[9] 2011/08/01 16:31:35:

Dialplan: Evaluating !^(\+?[0-9]*)@.*!sip:\1@\r;user=phone!i against 0900111111@pbx.company.com

[5] 2011/08/01 16:31:35:

Dialplan "Standard Dialplan": Match 0900111111@pbx.company.com to <sip:0900111111@XX.X.XX.XX;user=phone> on trunk Trunk IT


Any idea what should be changed? Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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