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Trunk Offline/Outgoing Calls Still Work


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We are having networking problems since a couple of days that haven't been fully analyzed yet. But: While all trunks show 503 and 400 errors (no registration), and the pbx can not be called from outside, it is still possible to place outgoing calls. A reboot resolves the situation for a short while, but the trunks will unregister within a short time again.


Any idea what could be the cause? We have not changed the system, except for an update to v 4.2 a couple of weeks ago.

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Registration is not neccessarily linked with the ability to place outbound calls. This is a policy question of the provider.



Such instability issues have most of the time to do with the firewall setup. Maybe the number of ports on the firewall is exhaused or for some reason it believes that the traffic from the PBX is illegal. I would start searching in this direction.

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