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Pfingo - SIngapore VOIP

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SO I have a successful Trunk setup and can receive phone calls

I have created a default dial plan * so that all calls that do not follow other ruls use this Pfingo SIP provider.


I have removed country code from my configuration and still cannot dial out??!!


Help please




Update the error is:


Response 407 Proxy Authentication Required

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Maybe this is a misunderstanding. The way SIP works is that the first request gets "challenged" with a 407 response code, but then the PBX will try again with the encrypted password and then it should receive a 200 response code.

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Hi ,


I still have issues, no outbound calls from the following:


Cisco SPA501G > SNOM One > Pfingo service


Dial plan works and wants to use Pfingo trunk


But I always get 407 message in Call log repeated and then the call drops.


I know the password is correct as I can receive inbound calls.


Is there a way of providing auth in a different way I'm missing?



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Can you call *97 (mailbox) from the phone? Then we can rule out that there is a problem with the phone setup.


If that is stable, are the incoming phone calls stable?


If it does not help, please attach the SIP messages between the serivice probider (you can just filter by the IP address) and we can take a look if we can spot the problem. If you can register, then the password should be right. Maybe it is the header presentation (RFC3325) that the service provider does not support. You can try to use a different method, for example "No Indication" which is not RFC-compliant, but many service providers have this problem and maybe in this case that's the problem as well.

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