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Hardware Help Needed??


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I am after setting up a small PBX for the house, we wil have about 8 phones in total and I have seen that I can download software for this that I can install onto a Windows 2008 Server platform.


But I cannot find out what PC card I require to link to our telephone line, we can either connect to a standard telephone line, but also have the ability to connect to a SIP server which is hosted at our ISP, but I cannot find anywhere on this website to tell me what cards I need to purchase to setup a PBX for the house.


Can anyone please point me in the right direction?????



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If you want to use the traditional PSTN lines with the PBX, please take a look at these links.





The other option is to sign up with one of the SIP trunk providers (Ex: callcentric.com, bandwidth.com and many folks in this forum too are providers) and create a SIP trunk from the PBX to the provider.

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