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SnomOne periodically dumping Trunk/Ext/login config

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Dear all,


This is really alarming. After getting my system to run, I did not really pay any further attention to it rather than to set up my extensions, trunks, dialplans, and admin password.

Everything worked fine. My system is a snomone free on a Mac OSX snow leopard server.


Then, all of a sudden, the phones stopped working, and I could not log in to the web based admin interface. I soon found out that the admin password had been reset to "empty".

I then discovered that all of my SIP trunks had been lost, the only thing that remained was the PSTN trunk. All my extensions were set back to default, but some of my names remained assigned to these extensions. All my dialplans were gone!


I have no idea what had happened, but I set everything up again - only to, two weeks later, witness the exact same thing happen to me again! And again, yesterday.


I do not see any precipitating events, no log entries that hint as to why this may be happening. But what I do know is that I need to resolve this, soon!


Any ideas?


Thank you!!

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We have not heard this before. Is it being reset to "default" configuration or everything is been deleted?


You can always check the file system to see if the PBX working directory contains all the folders & files when this happens.

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Could be that the file system is full. We had cases where the logging did not include the day, so that over time the file system was getting full. We had another case where the call recording filled up the file system space.

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