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Afer a big research there are some questions i have.


In an Agent group i cant set a sercive Flaq account which let me send all calls to an other number.


How do i set more service flaq accounts? can i put them all in one line with a space between it?


Can i put a Normal Phone number unter "Night Service Number" eg: 043152854872 ?




How will i record own Voicemails in a Agent group system? Will i have to logoff existing user and logon with the mailbox extension or is there an easier way to change the speech of the voicebox?

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Yes, you can list the service flags for redirection, seperated by space. Then you should also list the redirection number, also seperated by space. For example:


Service flags: 123 124

Rediration: 04131234 041311235


This means "if 123 is active, redirect the call to 04131234; else if 124 is active, redirect to 041311235; else process the call here".


The number runs through the dial plan for the agent group, which is supposed to "pay" for the call. This is essentially like an extension dialling the number.




If you want to use a voicemail box, you can use the settings "after ... redirect to ...". Typically, the voicemailbox 123 can be called with 8123 (8 in front). Regarding the shared mailbox, there were recently some discussions about this in the forum. In a nutshell, IMHO the best is to have the shared mailbox send the VM out by email, attach it and then process them by the user by email.

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