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Best Fax ATA with snomOne?


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Can anybody recommend the best ATA to integrate an analog FAX machine with a snomONE PBX?


We have a client with 5 MFC printers with Fax and need to have them integrated into a fully digital installation (no analog phones lines, only a digital PRI and no FXO/FXS ports on the PBX, only E1 cards)


Any good and proven ones out there? Patton M-ATA? Cisco? any experience with any of these or others?



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any update if m-ata works well ?


it doesn't matter what ata you use, your still doing T38 faxing which is not perfect and relies on so many things such as your local internet connection, who you use for T38 termination and so on.


A Linksys SPA2102 with the 5.2.12 firmware update from Jan 2011 improved the reliability of it's T38. I can get 6 or 7 out of 10 faxes to go through without errors, before the 5.2.12 update it was less then 50%.


If you want 100% success rate which is what you should want then use PSTN or HTTPS faxing - the faxback guys perfected that and Audicodes helped out with the firmware for the ATA.

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