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Gamma SIP trunks


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We're having problems registering Gamma sip trunks on the snom one.At first using the dns name for Gamma in the sip server and proxy address we get the following in the logs even though the PC running the software can resolve gw3.theiptele.com


[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:12: Resolve 813: url sip:gw3.theiptele.com

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:12: Resolve 813: naptr gw3.theiptele.com

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:12: DNS: Request gw3.theiptele.com from server

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:22: Resolve 814: url sip:gw3.theiptele.com

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:22: Resolve 814: naptr gw3.theiptele.com

[8] 2011/06/17 17:12:32: DNS: Add NAPTR gw3.theiptele.com (ttl=60)

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:32: Resolve 813: naptr gw3.theiptele.com

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:32: Resolve 813: srv tls _sips._tcp.gw3.theiptele.com

[9] 2011/06/17 17:12:32: DNS: Request _sips._tcp.gw3.theiptele.com from server

4] 2011/06/17 17:12:51: Could not find packet with number 813


If we change the proxy server to the IP address for gw3.theiptele.com the trunks at least try to register but come back with Unauthorised 401 even though we've double checked the account user name and password.


Has anyone successfully connected to Gamma? If so any ideas?

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Seems the DNS server is very slow. This might be an issue only during the first registration. Try to use another DNS server (e.g. or use "sip:gw3.theiptele.com:5060" as the outbound proxy (the 5060 means forget about NAPTR and SRV and just do AAAA/A lookup).


Please attach the REGISTER and the 401 message, then we can see where the problem is.

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