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snomONE plus deployment issues


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Going to my first install of a snomONE Plus appliance I have encountered some issues. In order to have them documented somehow and to help others in the future, I will post them here (unless another place/forum is more appropriate)



Hardware: snomONE Plus with sangoma a101D E1/T1 card

Version: 2011- (Linux)

License: Blue




1) system is unable to resolve Gmail SMTP server (smtp.gmail.com). had to use numeric IP in the emails settings for it to work.

2) unable to register using license key provided in book. snom had to create a key for it as the system will accept the license but still reverts to the free limited license

3) changes done to the network interfaces via the server console are not saved after reboot.

4) the sangoma Netborder Express GUI is framed in a static windows inside the snomONE gui. The window is too narrow to see the whole sangoma gui.

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looks like snom is promoting two distinct ways of buying snom ONE: integrate your own server/gateway/snomONE or buy integrated snom ONE Plus.


snom is positioning snom ONE plus as a closed and then the added benefit that it is fully supported IP PBX + PSTN. The operating system, telephone system is designed to be easy to use and ready-to-go out-of-the-box. The phone system is configured through a web interface as well as the telephone system. This snom ONE Plus way comes with a ready-to-go system, easy to configure and comes in a range of PSTN port connectivity using Sangoma.


If you want to fully control and install a snom ONE phone system, its recommended you buy a standard server, install your preferred OS (Microsoft Windows, of course-- ;-) along with the snom ONE yellow or blue. Of course the snom ONE works on windows, linux or MAC OS. In this senario for PSTN connectivity, you use any gateway company like patton or audio codes.


So trying to install other stuff on snom ONE Plus will be struggling against it's design. If you want this go with your own server.

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Although in principle I agree with what your are saying and understand it fully, there are still times when the user needs to get down into their system. Specially when things are not 100% clear or fully implemented and working.


Regardless, my only interest here was to help others.

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