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Is this update compatible with a snom One Hosted license??


We have a hosting license and have been on 4.0 for quite a while and want to upgrade but havent heard anything on the hosted side of what used to be pbxnsip since snom took over....



Rob - give me a call at (339) 227-6171

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Dear Admin,


Could you please add the v4.2.2.4025 SnomOne version in a Mac .dmg file for installation?


It is impossible to upgrade the executionable file which is posted on the wiki.snomone.com site. I am a SnomOne Blue customer and would like to update my SnomOne Darwin (3981) version to the latest one. I know that with a fresh installation on my Apple Mac server from a .dmg file after removing the existing one, then restoring the actual settings and then installing the email certificate would make everything work perfectly. But on your site the existing version in .dmg format still is the Darwin 3981 version.


Thank you for your early reply.





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you can install the DMG present on the wiki then do a manual upgrade.


this is the manual upgrade procedure:


execute the snom ONE Admin app and stop the service


substitute the executable contained in:

Applications/snomONE/BIN with the latest one downloaded from the wiki


open a terminal and execute those commands

cd /Applications/snomONE/bin/

chmod +x pbxctrl-darwin9.0-2011-

rm pbxctrl-darwin9.0

ln -s pbxctrl-darwin9.0-2011- pbxctrl-darwin9.0


execute the snom ONE Admin app and restart the service

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