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Best external T1/E1 gateway?


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I was wondering what experience do folks around here have with external T1/E1 digital gateways and snomOne?

I know some work with Patton and I hear they are rock solid with very good support but they also have a high end price.

Any others out there that are easy to configure without having to get a PhD first?

Any chance something like a RedFone foneBRIDGE2 could work with snomOne??



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@Nathan - yes, there are a lot of good choices. The 2 things we like about patton is they are rock-solid (set and forget) and we have found their support to be unrivaled in the industry. (But not rock bottom price I'm sure.)


But there are a lot of good units/vendors.


Here is an article that while it doesn't speak on T1 specifically the overall comments about vendors seems to be true across board.


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