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PBXnSIP daemon doesn't restart after 2 years using it


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I can't understand what is going on.


I changed the SIP ports, then went to the console of our Debian server where PBXnSIP is installed, and restarted the process as follows:



root@ITE-Server:/etc/init.d# ./pbxnsip restart

Shutting down pbxnsip daemon:/usr/local/pbxnsip/pbxctrl: no process killed


Starting pbxnsip daemon


The went to the Web browser and did as usually :


That's the IP of the PBXnSIP server, and the port we configured for web access...


AND NOTHING, the web is not UP. I went back to our Linux server, and it doesn't start any service, no error, no nothing.


The PBXnSIP daemon doesn't restart!!!


Any help please?

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It is possible under the Linux, the ports are not released yet by the OS during the PBX restart. So, stop the PBX, wait for a minute and start it.



root@ITE-Server:/usr/local/pbxnsip# ./pbxctrl --dir /usr/local/pbxnsip/ --config config.xml --log log.file --no-daemon

Starting up

[0] 20110712154847: UDP: bind() to port 5060 failed

[0] 20110712154847: FATAL: Could not open UDP port 5060 for SIP


But I restarted many times since the first time, and the daemon never came up since then, no process is running for PBXnSIP, and NETSAT doesn't show anything....



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You can't have them as same port. That's why you are seeing this issue. You can edit the pbx.xml file and change the value of ip_sip_tls_port back to 5061 or something other than 5060 and start the service.


Yes you are right, I fixed the issue editing manually the config.xml file.


I did this because support from Skype told me that Skype connect doesn't support TLS ports, and he told me to set it to 5060...wrong guy.





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