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Disconnect Speech Server after 30 seconds when phone didnt reply or dont have answering machine or voice main

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I am using Microsoft speech Server and PBXNSIP and for the phones which do not have answering machine and voice mail and if user didnt pick up the phone i get this error


A SIP request has failed, but no response code was received. The current operation is 'Opening'. The session state is 'Connecting'. The remote participant is 'sip:number@;user=phone'.

And gives error as operation time out now what it do it keeps ringing and gets time out after 5 mins and then enters into HandleGeneralFault event now what i want it will didnt ring for 5 mins just for 30 seconds and if it didnt find any answering machine and voice message box it will disconnect the call





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Thanks For the Quick Reply


I am using Microsoft Speech Server 2007 and PBXNSIP Version 4 SNOM one but we are using the license of PBXNSIP Version 3 its in the case

when a call has been made to a phone number and the phone number keeps on riniging untill it is explicitly Disconnect by Gateway PBXNSIP

after 300 seconds now what i want is instead Of Gateway to Disconnect after 300 seconds it Speech Server should send a NOAnswer To PBXNSIP and its get disconnected in 30 seconds rather than default timeout of PBXNSIP 300 Seconds

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