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Inbound / DID Issue

Miguel Costa

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PBX VER: (Win32)


The instructions online seemed pretty straight fwd, but for the life of me, can't get this to work.


We have added a DID number at our SIP provider, and its currently working fine and routing to the correct PBX trunk.

However I would like to route this DID to a specific hunt group.



>> ACCOUNT NUMBER(S): 892 323920035X


When I call in, I reach the main AA and not the hunt group as expected. If I check the STATUS tab while on the call, I see:


>> 07/28 3:53P Mike (+1480287499X) 892 connected Nextiva


Visually its saying that it's sending the call to the proper hunt group 892, however why do I hear the AA instead (under 100)?? Here's the call log...






Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK3246c46c8424c8d763e22728d78271dd

From: "Mike" <sip:+1480287499X@>;tag=3520880726-846450

To: <sip:323920035X@>;tag=f817fc8611

Call-ID: 20534014-3520880726-846444@msc6.nextiva.com

CSeq: 3 BYE

Contact: <sip:538749811@;transport=udp>

User-Agent: pbxnsip-PBX/

Content-Length: 0


<env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:sns="http://soap.com/pbx"><env:Body><sns:CDR><PrimaryCallID>20534014-3520880726-846444@msc6.nextiva.com</PrimaryCallID><CallID>20534014-3520880726-846444@msc6.nextiva.com</CallID><From>"MIKE" <sip:+1480287499X@;user=phone></From><To><sip:323920035X@;user=phone></To><Direction>I</Direction><Type>trunk</Type><AccountNumber>100@voicemail.PBXADDY.com</AccountNumber><RemoteParty>+1480287499X</RemoteParty><LocalParty></LocalParty><TrunkName>Nextiva</TrunkName><TrunkID>5</TrunkID><Domain>voicemail.PBXADDY.com</Domain><LocalTime>20110728152526</LocalTime><TimeStart>20110728222526</TimeStart><TimeConnected>20110728222527</TimeConnected><DurationHHMMSS>0:00:03</DurationHHMMSS><Duration>3</Duration><TimeEnd>20110728222530</TimeEnd><IPAdr>udp:</IPAdr><Quality>VQSessionReport: CallTerm


Timestamps:START=2011-07-28T22:25:27Z STOP=2011-07-28T22:25:30Z


FromID:"Mike" <sip:+1480287499X@>;tag=3520880726-846450


SessionDesc:PT=0 PD=pcmu SR=8000 FD=20 FO=160 FPP=1 PPS=50 PLC=3

LocalAddr:IP= PORT=52812 SSRC=0xeeebcf2b

RemoteAddr:IP= PORT=20786 SSRC=0xddde9803



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It helps if you can attach the complete log instead of section of it.


Without that let's try to explain what could be causing this -


  • If none of the extensions are registered and AA is part of final hunt stage.
  • If the night service flag is set and night service number is set to 100.
  • If any of the extensions has call forward set to 100.

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