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Windows 7 + Ports


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I installed Snom ONE free edition on my Windows 7 Pro 64bit computer. I tried to connect to the Snom ONE PBX using a Snom 370 phone.


Settings in Snom ONE and Snom 370 is correct, it does work if I turn off the Windows FireWall completly.


Is it necessary to manually open port 5060 and 5061 in Windows FireWall? Are there also other ports needed, which

I should open in Windows FireWall?


Thank you for your help!

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Yes you need to tell the firewall that it must trust the pbxctrl.exe. I would not work on specific ports, because the PBX can open a lot of different ports (SIP UDP/TCP/TLS, HTTP TCP/TLS, DNS client, LDAP, SMTP client, TFTP, NTP, and a large range orf RTP ports).


You can do it like this: Open "Windows Firewall" (not the advanced firewall) which is in the control panel. Then on the left upper side there is "Allow a program or feature through the firewall", click on it. Then you get a dialog "Allow programs to cimmunicate through Windows Firewall", where you can "add another program" (at the bottom). I usually select domain, home/work and public (all), you never know where the PBX needs to connect to (e.g. for sending an email out).

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