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Configuration Save problem


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Existing Free Version install running 2011- (win 32)


Did a Config Save today which appeared to go as usual except the saved file (pbx.tar)was 0 bytes long.

Tried the different file name/path etc just in case, but no difference.Can't seem to persuade it to share the config'.


Only thing slightly different on this site from dozens of others is that the Domain address book was recently increased in size to around 1500 entries.


Is there a maximum config size for the snom PBX ? Has anyone seen this before or have any other suggestions.


Its a remote site, several hours drive away.....



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Well, this is documented (maybe we should throw error to the screen). Making this change is very easy, but we do not want another problem popping up (call quality degrades during the configuration backup). So, we have not made this as a default option. http://wiki.snomone.com/index.php?title=Configuration_Backup


The idea is to use this feature only for small configurations like the appliances/CS410 etc. For the bigger systems, we would like the admins to use the OS level tools.

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