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Odd tones created with a specific voice mail account


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We have a client running PBXnSIP (Win32)


And the problem is a busy extension, 163 (accounts receivables from customers) receives a lot of calls. Circumstantially, and randomly the 3rd voice mail left on a given day has an unusual set of fast tones, beeps. When hearing the message, you hear the person grumbling, then some tones and a hangup. My thoughts are, perhaps a cell carrier or central office switch isn’t “tearing down” the call normally, CPC stuff, and Windstream the SIP carrier, creates these unusual tones.


With this happening on just one extension, the one that normally gets upset callers, it might be related to the carrier.


We have a tech call to the carrier, and the next step is we will passively record the entire SIP trunk calls, and get a complete Wireshark trace too.


I think we need to Isolate the following

PHONE - SWAP Phone with Other Extension

PHONE - LAN - PBX CONNECTION (Move Phone to other port/switch)



Any comments appreciated - Andy

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Sounds like a problem with the packet ordering on the incoming side. When the PBX encodes that with the GSM codec, it usually generates such strange sounds. Solutions: a) Upgrade to the latest 4 release (which as a fix for this) or B) switch to uncompressed voice recordings which makes the effect less obvious.

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The system is present set no to compress recordings.


We were given a short term license just outside the 1 year support plan for this client to address another issue. The expiration to upgrade to the latest appears to have passed. the client has expressed hesitation to invest in an upgrade to SnomOne Blue, with this outstanding issue. What should we do?


Version: (Win32)

Created on: Mar 10 2011 17:16:27

License Status:Client Name Pro 50 rekey 00902713XXXX

License Duration: Permanent

Additional license information:

Extensions: 46/50 Accounts: 101/150 Upgrade: 6 28 2011

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