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CS410 Success but need some info


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As for thetwork configuration I would not use anything from the PBX web interface, just SSH into the box and do it the Linux way.


As for audio out, as far as I remember you just need to send the RTP to a specific port on a specific IP address... Hmm dont remember by heart what it was, something like Check the config for eth2, and maybe you find the process with ps auxwww and check what port is being used for pagmoh.

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When did the WAN / LAN ports become reversed whereas the WAN port is static IP to by default and the LAN is DHCP?


I think there was some confusion and then consensus about the usage of LAN/WAN naming. Basically, WAN is the DHCP client and LAN can be DHCP server when used. If you want to keep the old convention, you can navigate to Admin->Web Page Control->Translation page then select reg_system.htm to change the labels.

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