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Is anyone using Broadvox


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I had broadvox working successfully for outbound for over a week, though it was not always working for inbound. I called in to support to try to fix inbound, and now outbound calls the destination number hears ringing and picks up and gets connected, however they don't hear anything. However we don't even hear a ringback. I was on the phone all day with both Broadvox and my PBXnsip distributor, they were both saying it was the others problem. though broadvox said they don't like our headers, it shows the calls coming from 34@localhost when calling from ext. 34, though they could not rule that that is the issue.

We send around logs and captures and no resolution yet.

I tried a juntion networks account which I use for a other PBX and I am getting the exact same thing.

I tried callcentric as a test, and it seems to work, except for about 1 in 10 trys.


We really made no changes on the PBX since yesterday when it worked succesfully and this morning when it was not working, I was talking to Broadvox support, however they say they made no changes they only put up a trace. The only change they told me to try try while I was on the phone with them was changing ringback from media to message 180, however we changed that back a minute later.


The the mean time we changed the outgoing calls to use the audiocodes gateway we use for incoming.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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