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User disconnects call - email


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We have a customer that once in a while gets these messages.


"One side of the call between sip:+46761402264@vanerline.se;user=phone and sip:91@vanerline.se did not receive media for 73.1 s and the other side of the call disconnected the call. The address of the other side was (User-Agent=snom320/8.4.31). You may use this email as hint for a potential problem. The SIP messages are attached."


What does the log say? Are we having problems with the Internet connection to the VoIP provider or is it something else?


They also complain over "cut off calls" and say that this happens about five times a day. I don't know if these two issues has something to do with each other.


Thanks in advance,




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Basically, this tells that the device at sent a BYE because it did not receive media for 73 seconds.


OK, is it possible to tell from what endpoint it did not receive media? From LAN (snom ONE) or WAN (VoIP provider)? This would be useful to know to be able to find the source of the issue.





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The log is susped to be from the side that had no media (attaching the healthy side would make not so much sense).


I am sorry but I do not understand.


The customer has this setup:

VoIP Provider - (Public IP) SIP aware firewall/SBC ( - snom ONE ( - snom 320 phones (192.168.2.x)


Where in this example should we look for a network related problem regarding to the log provided?

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