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Ok, I generate a xml file with my additional phone settings an put this file in the html directory. What is to do to bind this file to the pnp config. For a new phone I only want to activate pnp and the phone should get the PNP-config and the "custom" settings from my xml file.

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How does the pnp.xml file in the html-directory works together with the config files ind the generated directory? I want to set a phone parameter on all phones. Adding the parameter under


<file name="snom_3xx_phone.xml" encoding="xml">


<parameter name="vlan"></parameter>

<parameter name="admin_pin">0001</parameter>


section has no effect.

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Sorry I dont get it....


I have Snom setting that should be applied on any phone that get it's config with PNP. These are:


<transfer_on_hangup perm="">on</transfer_on_hangup>

<call_waiting perm="">off</call_waiting>

<time_24_format perm="">on</time_24_format>

<date_us_format perm="">off</date_us_format>




Do anyone have an advice for Dummys what is to do?


- What file I have to be changed?

- What entrys have to be changed?

- What file I have to be placed in what directorys?


Any help would be fine!



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1. Yes I agree to this. This settings should be timezone dependent. In our German enviroment the after a PNP prov. the Phone have the following settings.


<timezone perm="RW">USA</timezone>

<tone_scheme perm="RW">USA</tone_scheme>


This settings could also be tied to the timezone setting of the PBX.


2. Can you advice how to configure with a numer of lines ;-)



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