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pbxnsip Billing/Credit for outbound calls


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I'm testing the pbxnsip Billing settings its working great the only problems are

1. that the domain Administrator ( my customer) can login to the portal all add money to his account

Is their any way to change the to restricted a domain administrator from changing it ?( only the system administrator should change it )


2.the system cuts off the call 0.00 balance with no warning




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As long as your customers are not too smart to handcraft requests, you could edit the page in the web page templates page and take the setting out. Could be a short-term workaround.



The PBX should pay a three-beep tone when the last coin goes down... However, for a whole domain that is almost pointless. A fix for this problem could be that you scan the domains directory with a script for the balance and send emails out when the domain credit is going below a certain level.

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