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Replacing domain part of SIP URL


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A client has two pbxnsip systems running, and I have set up a trunk on each pbx to route calls to the other, along with dial plan entries such that when dialing an extension which resides on the other system, the call is routed through the corresponding trunk.


A problem I have is that when an extension on one system is called from the other, the domain name from the originating system is present in the SIP URL that the receiving system (and it's registered phones) sees. When a user then wants to call back to that number from their phone, the phone will in vain try to contact the originating pbx's domain, and the call cannot be placed.


I know this could be solved by setting the "outbound proxy" parameter in the phones, but there are 50+ phones with no simple provisioning, so I'd like to solve this on the pbxes instead.


I would like to replace the domain part in the SIP urls for incoming calls on each respective "intra-pbx" trunk with the domain of the receiving PBX. (E.g user1@domainX will look like user1@domainY )


Is this possible? (Or is there some other way to solve my problem without specifying outbound proxy on all the phones.9




Christian W

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IMHO using the outbound proxy is a must. Imagine that you really want to call a complete URI, then the phone should still send the call to the PBX which then locates the destination URL.


Apart from that, it also makes sense to present also for inter-system calls routable telephone numbers, meaning the whole DID number for that extension. So it would be better to present the From-header "Fred Feuerstein" <sip:+44322342342@domain1.com> instead of "Fred Feuerstein" <sip:342@domain1.com>.

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