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Lync to VOIP provider via snomOne


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Hi everybody,

I spent four days in configuring trunks and dial plan in snomOne free, and the target is still far...Hope someone can help me (I am new in telephony, have to learn because of Lync). I have a demo center where I need to show telephony features.


My config

Lync 2010 / SnomOne / VOIP Provider (ippi.fr)

Calls between SnomOne and Lync : OK (I have 2xxx for softphone snomOne / 4xxx for Lync) : configure SIP Gateway

Calls between SnomOne and VOIP provider : OK (From softphone snomOne, I can call national numbers via ippi / From external dévices, I receive calls to the ippi number associated to an snomOne extension) : configure SIP registration


I cannot configure snomOne to have calls between Lync and external word (via Ippi). If you have some configurations to propose, don't hesitate. I am in the dark.



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Not an easy task... I remember Matt Landis wanted to write something about this on his blog: http://windowspbx.blogspot.com/


Unfortunatly, there is nothing on this blog...

So, for snomOne, it is difficult to do :

1. I receive a call <nationalCall>@sipdomainlync from Lync via sip trunk lync

2. There is no extension to match the call

3. So I change the domain to <national call>@sipdomainvoipprovider and send it to the voiup provider trunk


Is it possible or not ? Is there a configuration from lync trunk ? Have we add a new sip trunk dedicated to this feature ? which mandatory parameters ?

My aim is to show that with snomOne, we can exchange call with lync, and not to integrate media gateway, like NET, even if it is what we do 90% of the time.


I am still in the dark,


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Remember that snom ONE is not a gateway, it is (supposed to be) a PBX. Maybe there is a market for a SIP (Lync) to SIP (Service Provider Reality) gateway; however I would assume this is part of the Lync package?!


No problem with snomOne as a PBX : without knowing really telephony, snomOne acts rapidly as so with lync and voip provider : it is really a nice product.

But, on another forum (Snom One as LYnc Gateway), I read :

Well that you are trying to do is route the call from one trunk to another trunk. So in addition to the trunk to flowroute, you need to have another trunk that goes to Lync. On that trunk, you must tell the PBX what dialplan to use, and the way it works right now is to tell the PBX to "assume the call comes from an extension"; and assign that extension the right dial plan. This would be outbound dialling then.

Inbound will also be challenging. you probably have to do the same thing and tell the PBX which extension to assume, so that the call can be dialled in the other direction. I would choose two extensions with two dial plans, so that the outbound dial plan always lands on the trunk to flowroute and the inbound always lands on the inbound always lands on the trunk to Lync.

I have never tried this; using the PBX as a IP-IP gateway sounds like an interesting experiment...


To be honest, I don't know the way to implement what it is explain...

But, the interesting thing, is to know that may be it is possible to do what i would like to do

If someone have tried, what are the conclusion : possible or not ?

If it is possible, what are the configuration of this trunks and dialplan ?




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Hi Matt,

thank you for your post.

snomOne becomes a gateway, as soon as I follow you configuration, that is to say :

Send call to extension, and Assume call comes to user, in the lync trunk.

It is like magic.

Is it possible to explain, why implementing these two parameters, snomOne becomes a gateway ? For me, it is like magic, and you're the .... magician.

Thank's a lot


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