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Display Name when calling an extension


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We have a SnomBlue installed on a Debian5 virtual machine, on which are connected 68 Snom phones.

Amongst the phones, we monstly have Snom300, few Snom320, and two Snom370.


The Snom320 and Snom370 are provisionned on the IPBX.


The problem is that we would like to see the name associated with the extension we are trying to call.

When extension 401 for example calls 402, we would like to see the name of the person on extension 402.


We already have that feature on incoming calls, is it possible to have it on outgoing calls too?


I already tried integrating the number in the common address book, but that doesn't solve the problem.



IPBX release: 5009 (will upgrade to 5020 soon)

Phones' firmware: 8.4.31 (already tried 8.4.18 and 8.4.32, doesn't solve my problem)


I would appreciate any help,



Karim Makki

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In fact for the SnomOne to be able to support name lookup for outbound calls, it must be configured in the snom_3xx_phone.xml file, accessible from "Web page control" in the admin menu.

The lines that must be present are the following, in the section "mobileTelephoneNumber</ldap_number_attributes>":




if {ip-adr} and {ldap-port} are not there, the phone would not be provisioned with ldap server (which is the SnomOne)




Karim Makki

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