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Deliver next incoming call while early call is ringing


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Is there a way for delivering next incoming call while early incoming call is ringing? (this question is for both hunt group and agent group)

For example; there are two incoming calls. One of them delivered to an agent. And It is ringing on the agent.

During this time , I want pbxnsip to deliver the second incoming call to an agent without waiting the early call to be connected the agent.

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This should be already possible in the agent group.


Check this article.





The passage below is copied from the link above you advised;


"As previously mentioned, this sequencing of messages and music will continue until an agent becomes available. Once an agent is available, the system automatically takes the next call out of the queue, rings the agents, and puts the call into ringback state. Within any one agent group, only one call at a time can be in ringback state, regardless of the number of agents that are available. All other calls remain queued until the ringing call is connected and at least one agent becomes available."


As i understood , it can not deliver the second waiting call untill the ringing one is connected.

We want to overcome this snom behavior in any way..

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So far one queue can have one caller at the top. What do you want to achieve? Call waiting for an agent? Or is the line so busy that you can't get the callers out quick enough?


For example we have 20 agents, ten of them connected and talking with callers. But left ten is free because pbxnsip does not deliver waiting callers until the queue top caller is connected. this causes long queue angd long waiting callers. I understood that in agent group , behavior of pbxnsip like this. Is there any way in hunt group to deliver more than one caller at the same time without waiting the top caller to be connected.

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Hunt groups do call waiting, they dont queue up callers. For low densitiy lines, that might be an answer. But especially for busy lines, you need ti distribute the calls and hold them until someone connects the call.


So getting closer to the point... What you suggest is that also those agents who are not talking to someone in the ACD (e.g. a regular outbound call) should receive a call waiting? How would that improve the situation? They might be doing their outbound call and constantly hear call waiting, which after a time will probably be very upsetting after some time.


If you want to show the agents that the queue is getting too full, maybe i tmakes more sense to inform them about the queue status. I have seen call centers where there installed LED boards on the wall that shows how many callers are waiting, so that all agents know if they need to speed up or not.

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