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Recording location

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How to set Record Location to a specific folder under Macintosh with snomONE I cannot figure the way of making all recording saving to :


Macintosh HD/Applications/snomONE/recording/$r/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav


Windows version would be something like: c:/Applications/snomONE/recording/$r/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav

Macintosh version ... ??? Macintosh HD/Applications/snomONE/recording/$r/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav (isn't working)



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You can just set $r/$d/$t-$i-$u-$n.wav. The recorded files will be under <pbx working dir>/recordings/<date>/.....


What about getting it saved on a different location like



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